mrk.'s Wait Wait Don't Tell Me Statistics Pages.

I've been listening to this radio show on NPR called Wait Wait Don't Tell me since it started back in 1998.
I listen more out of habit than anything else, but i guess i like it. I even went to see it live when it was here in Seattle in early 2001 (one of the first half dozen live shows!!).

It always bugged me that they were pretty loose with the statistics, i kept thinking that the statistics should be charted on the website.
Finally in late 2004 i figured that i would collect the statistics in one place, if only for my own use. So i re-listened to every show from the start. (Okay, so i was lonely. My girlfriend dumped me and i didn't have anything better to do.) And i have collected the data weekly since then. My data starts in January 2000 because i was unable to collect the scores for the shows in 1998 & 1999 which are not archived on the NPR site. I was unable to even acertain for certain the players for the first few months, because there is not a synopsis on the website, for those shows.
Here are the basics of my the data i have collected: